Mass Transit Accident


Thousands of people each day depend on mass transit to perform their daily duties, such as getting to work, shopping, attending a business conference, arriving at a vacation destination, or visiting friends.

When you step on an airplane subway, train or bus, you expect to arrive safely at your destination without incident. However, that is not always the case. In 2012, there were 3,379 accidents involving mass transit. During that same year, there were 1,297 accidents involving air travel. In those accidents, 449 people died in airplanes while 266 people died using mass transit.

There are many types of accidents that could result in a mass transit accident claim. Accidents involving subways, charter buses, trains, taxi cabs, or planes all qualify for mass transit accident claims. Most personal injury cases require that the person filing the case must demonstrate negligence in some way in order to collect on a claim. However, mass transit accidents may fall under what is known as “common carrier law.” Common carriers are businesses or individuals that provide public transportation in any form.