Nursing Home Abuse


The National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that over three million Americans now live in nursing homes. According to 2010 NORS data, physical abuse comprises 29% of complaints filed by residents. If you or someone you love experienced nursing home abuse, you may be eligible for compensation.

Residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s may have difficulty communicating. Others may be hesitant to report abuse or neglect for fear of staff retribution. If you suspect that your loved one may suffer from nursing home neglect or abuse, look for these signs:

Victim becomes upset and/or agitated, withdrawn or non-communicative, especially around nursing home staff. 

Loved one exhibits rapid weight loss, weight gain or symptoms of malnutrition (i.e., mouth sores, dental difficulties, bruises easily, poor wound healing).

There are unexplained injuries, such as cuts, bruises or welts healing in different stages.

Victim displays sudden/unusual behavior changes (not wanting to be touched, biting, rocking).

Your loved one has frequent illness, especially if unreported to family members.