Wrongful Death


In the real world, many personal injuries result in death. At that point, the victim is obviously no longer around to bring claims of any kind. Yet the deceased’s family remains deprived of support, companionship, etc. How does the law keep the death of the victim from somehow working to the benefit of the person responsible for causing the death?

Wrongful death cases can be very complex. Recovery depends on establishing that the defendant—the person being sued—is legally responsible for the death. Since any number of different accidents may have caused the death—vehicle accidents, gunshots, falls, and countless other mechanisms—you need a Texas lawyer with wide experience in personal injury cases of all types, in addition to specific experience with the technical requirements of the wrongful death laws.

Identifying what caused your family member’s death is one of the first steps toward bringing a wrongful death claim. Attorney Alfonso Couceiro can help you investigate the recent fatal accident for its root cause. One or more parties could be liable for your loved one’s death if it negligently failed to prevent the deadly accident. Attorney Alfonso Couceiro and Attorney Marco Pacheco can spot negligence, collect evidence, and help your family build a case against the defendant(s). No matter what you believe killed your loved one, contact us for counsel.